Bentley is preparing to present an extremely luxurious convertible


thirteen Feb 2020

Bentley has announced a new ultra-luxury convertible, which will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show

The model will be released in an extremely small edition for the most status clients of the British brand. A car worth about $ 2 million will be called Bacalar – in honor of the popular tourist center in Mexico, famous for its eponymous lake.

The convertible will be developed by specialists of the Mulliner court studio, which will create its own car with a unique body for the first time since 2002. The interior decoration is innovative and rare materials: for example, in the cabin there will be elements from relict variegated poplar interspersed with copper.

The Bentley Bacalar will be equipped with a six-liter W12 engine with two turbines, which, for example, produces 635 liters on the new Flying Spur and Continental GT. from. and 900 N • m of torque. Transmission – an eight-speed “robot” with two clutches. It is assumed that the circulation of the car will be only 10-12 copies.

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