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21 Jan 2020

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has developed tariffs at which it will be possible to legally buy car license plates with a “beautiful” combination of letters and numbers

According to regulatory documents, the highest base duty is 600,000 rubles. So much will have to pay for license plates with three identical numbers and letters. For other combinations of letters and numbers, prices range from 5,000 to 450,000 rubles, while regional authorities will be allowed to reduce or increase the fee by ten times, that is, the cost of the most expensive numbers can reach up to a million rubles.

It is curious that when reselling a car with “beautiful” license plates, the new owner will have to pay the increased state duty once again. In case of failure, the license plates will be returned to the traffic police, and the owner will be given regular numbers. An exception will be made for those cases when a car with “beautiful” numbers is inherited or if the owner wants to leave the numbers for himself and transfer them to another car.

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