Australians use cars as an oven


20 Dec 2019

In the Australian city of Perth, the owner of the old Datsun Sunny, left in the yard without moving, decided to use the car as an oven and bake a piece of juicy meat in it

I must say that the experiment was very successful. When the 39-degree heat set in the street, Stu Panjelli (the owner of the car) put a 1.5-pound piece of pork in the front seat, and placed a thermometer on the panel. At seven in the morning the car was already 30 degrees Celsius. Three hours later, the temperature rose to 52 degrees, and by one in the afternoon it reached a maximum mark of 81 degrees.

Ten hours after the start of the experiment, Stu got the meat out of the car – it turned out that during this time the piece was completely prepared. After such a conclusion, the experimenter gladly tasted freshly baked pork and stated that the temperature was clearly not the maximum possible. The meat could be cooked even faster if there were no tinting on the machine, and door seals would stand. The author of the experiment did not forget to mention the black color, which could also contribute to an increase in temperature.

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