Attentive drivers were offered to reward


10 Feb 2020

Experts propose the introduction of purple license plates that will distinguish the most accurate and attentive drivers

Compliance with the rules of the road should be encouraged, including by giving them insignia, said the Director General of the Academy of Driving Excellence, motor sportsman Alexander Kaminsky.

The expert noted the importance of a motivation system, including intangible, due to which, in his opinion, drivers will not violate traffic rules, even if all fines are canceled in Russia. To do this, a whole reward system should be built up, consisting of a number of aspects. He noted that the motivation is already coming from insurance companies that provide substantial discounts to respectable drivers.

“You can give purple numbers, for example, to those who do not violate. Or a sticker on the glass. Or a portrait somewhere to publish. And all at once will say what a fine fellow! And they respect it, ”the expert suggests.

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