At the third Russian jeep festival “4X4 THK-BP Open” the first place in the category “Lovers” was taken by the driver of Izhevsk “Oda”


In the struggle for the award, hardened off-road motorsports enthusiasts, newcomers and very unexpected participants entered the fight. May Day for Lotoshintsev began with a rumble of motors driving off-road vehicles to register. After technical checks on the central square of Lotoshino, the official part of the 4X4 THK-BP Open festival was opened. The head of the district, Vladimir Mikhailovich Davydov, addressed the participants, who were lining next to the still shiny, with multi-colored stickers and numbers SUVs. He wished the pilots good luck, patience, and also thanked them for the “enthusiasm and optimism that energizes the audience with positive energy.” After the signal of the chief judge, the convoy of SUVs, accompanied by the police, went to the starting point of the orientation. In accordance with the assigned starting numbers, SUVs (a total of 29 vehicles were announced) entered the fray. Participants searched for check-points for speed and competed in the correctness of passing the entire distance, pushing their way through forests, swamps, fields and roads eaten by potholes. Not everyone successfully reached the finish line: who got stuck in the swamp, who died out, and who just got lost and did not manage to find the right path to the finish line. The winner in a Nissan Pathfinder car with a result of 56 minutes was the Alekseyev couple: Olga and Sergey, who were ahead of silver medalists by almost 20 minutes (taking into account the penalties at control points). The evening ended with a performance of the Mr. Twister group and a general gala dinner for all participants in the competition. The next day was marked by the start of the first stage of the Russian Championship in jeep trial. The battle tanks of the participants ironed the quarry of the Lotoshinsky DRSU, as quickly as possible (as far as possible) overcoming specially prepared bumps and pits, passed the Test sections, trying to collect as few penalty points as possible. On this day, viewers were able to enjoy the most striking spectacle of a jeep trial with SUVs turned onto the roof. This “maneuver” is called in the midst of motorists “catch ears.” Despite the fact that after the “ears” the pilot, as a rule, finishes the competition (cannot turn over on his own), the audience is greeted with such a somersault by a joyful hum. The championship of Russia was played by 28 participants among 5 test groups of cars that differ from each other in the size of their wheelbase. The winner among the cars with the smallest base size (group D1) was Sergey Novichkov at UAZ (65 penalty points). In group D2, Filimonov Anton (pilot) and Semenov Vitaliy (navigator) won the Jeep Cherokee (126 points). In group D3, Volotskaya-Glinsky Kirill on Suzuki Samurai (152 points). In group D4 – Igor Vasin (pilot) and Maxim Kononov (navigator) on the Jeep Wrangler (1724 points). And finally, in the D5 group, the winner was Yuri Samodurov on the Jeep Cherokee (4008 penalty points). The final day of the competition was the most spectacular for the audience. SUV pilots competed in speed and maneuvering skill at the same time. Chasing around lakes and wetlands, cars overcame many jumps, turns, and gullies, while maintaining high speed. Depending on the preparation of their cars, 25 participants were divided into three groups: “Amateurs”, “Professionals” and an extra-off “38 inches” (especially for representatives of the Club “Bison 4×4”). After three exhausting preliminary races, four semi-finalists were determined, who won the main prizes. The first place in the category “Lovers” was taken by Suslov Astasiy (incidentally, born in 1950) in the car of the Izhevsk Automobile Plant (Izhevsk, Udmurtia) Oda. Among the professional athletes, Igor Kiselyov was the fastest in the VAZ 21213. In the 38-inch group, the first step of the podium went to Yuri Akhromeev (pilot) and Denis Shustov (navigator) on Mitsubishi Pajero.


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