At AvtoVAZ talked about the theft of factory property & nbsp


AvtoVAZ spoke about new technical means of control, thanks to which it was possible to identify cases of theft at the plant. This was reported in the Youtube channel “Lada. Online. “
So, in December, in the workshop for the production of Lada Kalina, theft of oxygen concentration sensors was discovered. An analysis of the recordings of CCTV cameras revealed an unscrupulous employee who had committed theft. The intruder was fired.
The guards of one of the checkpoints of the Avtovaz plant found 14 protective overalls from the driver of the car transporter, while only two of these overalls were indicated in the property list.
In total, in 2019, 490 employees of the plant or third-party organizations with which the concern worked were attempted to commit theft at AvtoVAZ.
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