Aston Martin has developed a hybrid cabin mirror


British brand Aston Martin and automotive component maker Gentex Corporation have developed a next-generation hybrid cabin mirror, the Camera Monitoring System (CMS). The new system consists of a Full Display Mirror (FDM) cabin mirror with an integrated liquid crystal display, which streams video, and three cameras: two are mounted in the side mirrors, the third is mounted on the roof of the car. The driver can compose the picture at his discretion, as well as adjust the position of the exterior mirrors. In this case, the viewing angle of the cabin mirror is automatically adapted.

FDM also works in the normal mirror mode, so the driver can see what is happening on the sides and behind the car, even if the cameras fail. A working prototype of a hybrid cabin mirror was installed at the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, which will be exhibited at the Gentex booth in Los Angeles.