Americans for 50 years buried old Plymouth in the ground


This is not the first attempt by the city to make a time capsule. In 1957, when Tulsa celebrated its 50th anniversary, another Plymouth was walled up in a concrete time capsule. This news was widely covered, but when the capsule was opened in 2007, it turned out that the car was flooded with water and destroyed the entire interior and body.

The next time, the city authorities decided to act differently. In 1998, Tulsa celebrated its 100th anniversary and in honor of this, it decided to traditionally walled up another Plymouth for posterity. The brand new Prowler was immersed in an airtight aluminum box half an inch thick (almost 1.3 centimeters) so that the car could withstand 50 years underground. At that time, the news was left without proper coverage, and after it was eclipsed by the opening of the first capsule. As a result, Reddit users have only now paid attention to it.

The car has already spent 22 years underground, but no one knows what state it is in now. It will be possible to open it only after 28 years, then it will become clear whether it was possible to “preserve” the car in such a way that after half a century it looked as if it had just left the assembly line.

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