Amendments to traffic rules entered into force in Russia & nbsp


In Russia, on January 2, amendments to the SDA entered into force, which allow drivers who have purchased an insurance policy to not carry their printout with them. The document is published on the official portal of legal information.
The government decree specifies that the insurance policy can be provided to the traffic police officer on paper, as well as in the form of an electronic document or a paper copy.
The policeman will be able to verify the availability of mandatory motor third-party liability insurance by requesting information in an automated system.
As Rambler reported, these amendments were introduced into the federal law on compulsory motor third-party liability insurance in May, but there were no changes in the SDA, which caused conflicts on the roads. Inspectors asked the drivers for a printout of the policy, and if it wasn’t, they wrote out a fine for driving without documents.
Drivers complained to the Supreme Court (VS) of Russia; as a result, the Plenum of the Supreme Court ruled that it was not necessary to carry paper policy holders with electronic policies. The court recalled that the law has greater force than a government decree, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs nevertheless decided to amend the SDA.
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