A whole plant for one Tesla or the brilliant solution of Elon Mask


Well, it’s no secret that the genius of Ilon Mask, who is the founder of Tesla, can only be envied. The technologies used by this automaker in conjunction with the determination of the leader managed to literally take over the world in a matter of years. More recently, the company showed its crazy pickup truck, which, like nothing else, shows that Musk really likes to take risks and, damn it, he does it superbly.

Why is this all, but you just look at the last action of Ilona on Twitter. Musk creates a poll in which he collects people’s opinions on the opening of the fourth Gigafactory plant in Texas. What’s the catch? But here’s the solution, most likely, has already been made, but Tesla CEO creates the opportunity for all of its fans and fans of the brand to be involved in this. What’s next? We all know that the demand for the Cybertruck pickup truck exceeded all expectations, and the automaker simply does not have enough capacity for its production. Yes, of course, a new factory is needed, but why in Texas? Well, there is an explanation for everything. Texas is one of the most favorable states for the sale of pickups. Oh yes, here they are loved like nowhere else in the world. But! Most of the negative feedback in the first days after the debut of Cybertruck is in Texas. So why then is that all? The answer is simple: Elon Musk knows that people tend to be more loyal to what is produced in their homeland.

To make the Texas people love Cybertruck in this way, even though they already love pickups – isn’t that brilliant? Okay, omit theories. The company really needs another plant to produce its pickup truck, Semi truck and the crazy Tesla Roadster, and given the recent jumps in shares and the company’s profit growth, there is only one thing to say – Ilona urgently needs to spend money. Re-equipment of the enterprise in Fremont is also quite expensive, and accordingly for Tesla it is more logical to open another plant. Given their experience at Gigafactory 3 in China, which overtook all the possible dates and began to produce cars long before the target date, Musk is free to decide on such a step.