A warehouse with the rarest instances of Nissan Skyline was discovered (video)


Where you can buy the legendary Nissan Skyline R34 for little money, we already told you this fall, and now let’s look at another, no less curious dealership Craft Sports, which is also chock full of unsurpassed Skylines.

A video tour of the warehouse, which is also located in Japan, was conducted by the familiar YouTube blogger Sammit. You can’t buy Skyline here cheaply, but real connoisseurs of this iconic model will be able to replenish their garage with truly rare specimens that are in excellent condition.

One of the most rare Skyline options in this center can be safely called the bright blue Skyline R33 GT-R LM Limited, released in a limited edition of only 188 copies. This limited series of models was dedicated to the triumph of Nissan at the famous Le Mans marathon. For such a rare Skyline, the buyer will have to pay almost 100 thousand dollars.

Of course, not all skylines in a warehouse will cost so much. Models are presented for every taste – from the R31 body of the mid-80s to the modern R35. So there really is something to see.