A very large JAC will come to Russia


24 Dec 2019

Author photo: manufacturing company

The company announced the start of certification for the JAC S7 all-terrain vehicle, which will become the flagship of the brand

As for the appearance and dimensions, the new product is a bit more compact than, say, the Toyota Highlander or, recently introduced, the seven-seater GAC GS8. It is curious that the company claims, for example, about a record luggage volume for the segment. As for the power plants, then, domestic buyers of the JAC S7 will be given the opportunity to choose between two engines and two types of gearboxes. The one and a half liter turbocharged unit with a return of 174 hp will play the role of the base engine. and 250 Nm, the senior engine with a volume of 2.0 liters develops 190 hp. and 300 Nm. Boxes – six-speed mechanics and a wet clutch robot

Curiously, the JAC S7 does not have all-wheel drive. It is worth noting that the GAC GS8, for example, lacks a compact engine (it is equipped only with a two-liter with similar performance), instead of a robot it has an automatic machine, and an all-wheel drive system is installed optionally. Meanwhile, the JAC S7 equipment already has keyless access, dual-zone climate control, all-round cameras, a multimedia system with a touch monitor and a 12.3-inch display instead of the dashboard, panoramic glazing, a projection display, branded acoustics, depending on the configuration, recruitment of driver assistants and so on.

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