A lot of glue and glitches: a new major recall of GM cars


A month ago, GM recalled the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups due to the risk of fire in an accident, and here is a new problem, or rather two. The first service campaign is due to the fact that a lot of glue was poured onto the wire connecting the generator to the positive terminal of the battery. Due to this glue, power outages can occur, which can cause a short circuit and fire. At least one case of a car ignition due to this defect is known. Mechanics will have to check the electrical circuit on all machines from the risk group (350,371 of them are sold in the USA), remove excess glue or, if this is not possible, replace damaged components.

GMC Sierra




The second review concerns not only pickups, but also the Cadillac CT6 sedan (in the United States, 463,995 cars are at risk). It turned out that due to a malfunction in the control unit, ABS and ESC systems may suddenly fail, and in some cases the corresponding icon does not light up on the instrument panel. Without these systems, the risk of an accident increases, especially on wet and slippery roads – not every American housewife, you know, knows how to simulate the operation of ABS by pulse pressing the brake pedal. The defect will be fixed by updating the software.

Chevrolet silverado

Of these models, only the Cadillac CT6 is officially sold in Russia, but it is not yet known whether the copies sold in our country require unscheduled repairs. For the first three quarters of this year, only 27 CT6 sedans were sold in the Russian Federation, for the whole of 2018, 53 cars found their owners.


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