30-year-old VAZ 2109 in legendary color is sold almost without mileage


Yes, no doubt, “Lada” in perfect condition are appreciated in our time, but this applies more to the classics, and today we are talking about a more recent generation of Soviet cars. 2109 or, as it was called abroad – Lada Samara, has survived to this day almost in factory condition, having wound everything 11,421 kilometers. Such a copy was put up for sale in Poland, and the owner intends to help out a tidy sum from its sale.

“Chisel” was the favorite of all wealthy people of the Soviet Union, and every young guy of those years dreamed of it. How could she not want it, when the hit “your cherry nine” was heard from all the speakers around. The brothers also read this car, choosing the 5-door modification, instead of the 3-door. She allowed quickly and without problems to pack 4-5 large guys into a car, and boldly move forward on “their questions”.

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Speaking about a specific car, it is worth noting that this instance is a pre-styling version of 2109, and is accordingly equipped with “short” wings and a radiator grille painted in body color. Inside, you will find a radio, headlight range control, as well as a dimmer in the car. This VAZ is so close to the original that even on the tunnel under the feet of the rear passengers you can see the film. The exact year of manufacture falls on 1989 year, and the power plant reaches a volume of 1.5 liters, giving out more than 70 hp.

Owner wants to get a car 30,000 Polish zlotysthat is equivalent today 7800 US dollars. The amount is quite justified, because there are only a few such machines in our days.