20-year-old Lada almost without a run was estimated at a million rubles


In Kazakhstan, a new Lada 21099 was put up for sale with virtually no mileage – in 20 years the car drove only 1,024 kilometers. The owner estimated the car at almost a million rubles: 5.7 million tenge in terms of domestic currency is 953,079 rubles.

The announcement, which is posted on the local Wheels portal, says that the car was in a private collection all the time and was stored exclusively in a warm garage or in a heated parking lot. In 2001, “Lada” was brought to the current owner of a car carrier and he put it on “conservation”.

According to the owner, you should not use the car for driving – it is suitable only for further conservation and can only be used as a collection exhibit.

The Lada 21099 Sputnik sedan was produced at AvtoVAZ from 1990 to 2004. After that, he was replaced by a model with an index of 2115 from the Samara family, and the license for the “ninety-ninth” was transferred to the Ukrainian ZAZ plant, where it was produced until 2011.

Last fall, in one of the garages in Ukraine, they discovered a 21099 sedan with mileage of less than a thousand kilometers. The car was built for export to Turkey, but he never reached the future owner – instead, the Lada stood in the garage without traffic for almost a quarter of a century.

Buying a Mercedes, compare it with the Lada!Carsandcofee.com/imgs/2020/02/04/15/3762314/1e2a1202b3b2e6b3e4c4b5b24d8ac3f7937ab7f7.jpg

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