20% of electric car owners return to conventional ones


A study conducted in California shows that one in five people with EVs returns to conventional propulsion versions. The reasons that determine the 20% of electric car owners to make this decision are small and varied, and the most important are indirectly related to the charging infrastructure.

California is the state where electric vehicles have taken on an impressive scale. One of the reasons: the California government grants bonuses for the purchase of green vehicles. Thus, cars with propulsion system based on fuel cells are subsidized with 4500 USD. A smaller eva bonus of $ 2,000 is given to electric cars. Finally, plug-in hybrids get a $ 1,000 discount.

However, a few months ago, state aid began to decline. For example, the registration fee, which was not paid for EVs, now costs $ 175. Naturally, the bonuses will start to decrease, and electric vehicles will have to reduce their price in order to continue to compete with conventional ones. The first step: lowering battery prices, which is rising in the near future and about which I wrote here.

20% of owners of electric cars return to thermal

In this “picture”, in California, one in 10 owners of electric vehicles returns to conventional ones, and the problem is not the purchase price. The direct reason is not the poor loading infrastructure either. There are, however, smaller ones that are indirectly related to this.

The study was conducted by the University of California, on a sample of 4,160 people who bought electric cars between 2012 and 2018. Of these, 1840 will buy a new car in the near future. One-fifth of them will opt for a conventional vehicle.

Owners of electric cars: who returns to heat engines

“Digging” deeper, the team discovered that they had only one car in the family – the electric one. Those who remained faithful to EVs mostly owned another (conventional) vehicle. Thus, they did not depend exclusively on charging stations. Also, young people who lived in apartments and not in houses, and who depended more on public charging stations, are returning to conventional vehicles. Finally, women have expressed their intention to return to gasoline and diesel more than men.

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