1.8 billion rubles in fines forgiven Moscow drivers


In Moscow, from June to December last year, motorists used the parking error correction function 364,492 times

Thanks to the new function in the Moscow Parking application, which allows you to adjust the parking session by the end of the day, drivers were able to avoid fines for non-payment of parking at 1.8 billion rubles. About this in his Facebook wrote the head of the expert center Probok.net Alexander Shumsky. According to him, from June to December, motorists used the parking error correction function 364,492 times.

According to Shumsky, most often in Moscow last year, drivers extended their parking, which ended. Motorists corrected this error in the application 297,737 times. Also, drivers changed their car number 45 654 times. Another mistake when paying for parking was the incorrect entry of the number of the parking zone, for the specified period, drivers corrected 21 102 times.

“In all these cases, drivers could receive a fine of 5000 rubles for non-payment of parking, but the new system allowed this to be avoided,” said Shumsky.

At the same time, in Moscow, the most popular way to pay for parking is the mobile application – more than 90% of drivers use it. The data center said that the application not only allows you to pay for parking, but also can help you find a car left in the parking lot and find out about fines.

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