Mirror car unveiled – news from Ford


20 Feb 2021

Photo by: manufacturer

No, now we are not talking about some serial car with a mirror color, but about a real car made in the form of a mirror

Just try to visualize it – a box on wheels with a special front section where a giant mirror is located. In fact, all this has a sacred meaning. The mirror here symbolizes the process of absorption or consumption. By the way, the car was named so – Consumer Car (consumer car). Although, it is somewhat difficult to call this vehicle a car. It’s not even about the design – this vehicle doesn’t even have a roof or doors.

Curiously, technically, we have a 1993 Ford Festiva. The mirror on wheels is driven by a small 1.3 petrol engine coupled with a manual transmission. By the way, the creators claim that the car has access to public roads.

When writing the news, the following information was used:
Auto.ru magazine

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