Geely showed the salon of the new KX11


20 Feb 2021

Photo by: manufacturer

The presentation of the car will take place in April. Then they will show us all the details, but for now we can only take a look at the salon

It seems that Geely decided to follow the path of Mercedes and we are greeted by three monitors on the front panel at once. The first is a digital tidy, and the other two are the displays of the multimedia system. It is quite difficult to see anything else, since the panel architecture is made in the concept of minimalism. It is possible that all controls will be based on sensors.

Now let’s say a few words about the car itself. It, like other models like the Tugella or Coolray, will be built on the Volvo CMA platform. So far, only one motor has been announced – a two-liter supercharged gasoline unit. Its power will be at least 185 horsepower.

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