Ford pickups will save Texas


20 Feb 2021

A few days ago, a beautiful American state called “Texas” was attacked by a severe weather cataclysm – frost and heavy snowfall. The state authorities decided to ask for help, but not from anyone, but from the car companies

Specifically, Ford was asked to provide assistance. The thing is that due to snowfall, power lines were damaged. And the very electrical system of the region, which consists, for the most part, of wind turbines and solar panels, simply froze and stopped working. In short, life stopped in Texas.

How will Ford save everyone. The fact is that the F-150 pickups are equipped with the Power Pro Onboard system, which actually turns the car into a generator with various power options. Even the basic version is enough to power household appliances in the house for more than a day (if the tanks are full of fuel). Actually, the state authorities are asking the company to lease the cars to the victims, so that they can simply survive.

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